Tour Package “Salsa with Cuban rumba

Salsa with Cuban rumba is organized for people that they like to enjoy the music and Cuban dance in diverse manifestations. You will attend a course of Cuban traditional dances with an instructor for each student. You will be enjoyed the Cuban music in live a night center where you will be able to dance to the Cuban thing and to exercise that learned in the dance classes. Also, you will be able to delight in a Cuban resort to be seduced by the wonderful beaches of Cuba, under a radiant sun that falls in love in the crystalline waters and white sands.

Duration: 12 days and 11 nights.

Include: insurance travel in Cuba, transportation, tour guide, lodging in hostels (Havana) and hotel (5 star in Varadero with plan All Included), feeding (breakfast, lunch and dinner), course of Cuban traditional dances (1 session of 2 hours during 5 days), different cultural optional, recreational and of leisure in Cuba (to attend nocturne center, show with live orchestra), when being promoted with the program of activities the solidary and sustainable tourism.  

Not include: air ticket.

The client will carry out a down payment of 40% from the price when hiring the services, in the event of cancellation is not reinstated down payment.

The client will be liquidated the rest of the amount like confirmation of the reservation before 15 days to arrival date.


1st day:

  • Welcome in Havana. Transfer from José Martí international airport. Check-in.
  • Welcome cocktaily and Dinner.
  • Lodging in Havana (hostel or rent room).

2nd day:

  • Classes of dance (Cuban people have rhythm in his blood and through these dance lessons you will feel as your body vibrates with diverse autochthonous musical compasses of Cuba and Caribbean. Of course, you will have a professor that will teach you the magic of rumba, son and salsa.).
  • City excursion ¨Old Havana¨ (Félix Varela Cultural Center, Real Fuerza Castle and Giraldilla, The Templete, Armas Square, Capitanes Generales Palace, Obispo street, San Gerónimo university, Catedral Square and Church, Bodeguita del Medio).
  • Night excursion ¨Cañonazo del Morro¨ (Enjoy the Ceremony of the Gunshot from San Carlos of the Cabaña Strength.).
  • Lodging in Havana (hostel or rent room).

3rd day:

  • Classes of dance.
  • City tour by classic cars ¨Habana Moderna¨ (Prado, Malecón, Paseo, Plaza de la Revolución, Calle G, Calle 23, Infanta, Carlos Tercero, Parque Central).
  • Night excursion ¨Hasta que se seque el malecón¨ (optional to dance with Cuban music in direct).
  • Lodging in Havana (hostel or rent room).

4th day:

  • Classes of dance.
  • Free time.
  • Night excursion ¨Salsa Cubana¨ (optional to dance with Cuban music in direct).
  • Lodging in Havana (hostel or rent room).


5th day:

  • Classes of dance.
  • Free time.
  • Night excursion ¨Guajiro soy¨ (optional to dance with Cuban music in direct).
  • Lodging in Havana (hostel or rent room).

6th day:

  • Classes of dance.
  • Lunch.
  • Transfer to Varadero. Check-in. Lodging in hotel 5 star (6 nights) with plan: All Included.


Día 6 al 12:

  • Enjoy in Varadero beach, one of the best beaches in the world and the most popular in Cuba.
  • Check-out (12th day). Transfer to José Martí international airport of Havana. End of the services.


Pax Price by pax

(double room)

Price by pax

(single room)

2 2691,00 3044,00
10 2374,00 2727,00
25 2326,00 2679,00
30 2321,00 2674,00
45 2312,00 2665,00
60 2307,00 2660,00
75 2305,00 2658,00
90 2303,00 2656,00
100 2302,00 2655,00

The prices are expressed in Cuban convertible pesos (CUC), for high season (November 1st up to April 30th).



  • You should wear light clothes, to use sun stop and repellent for mosquitos, to drink much juice and water.
  • We are not responsible for the migratory neither custom steps.
  • It is not allowed the sexual tourism, neither counterrevolution, neither antisocial attitudes (drug, terrorism, etc.).


We wish you a happy stay. Thank you.

MSc. Miguel Hernández Fernández


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