Starting from invitation carried out months ago for Pope Francisco to young economists and entrepreneurs in face of necessity to re-encourage the economy and to reach a “pact” to change current economy and to give a soul to tomorrow’s economy. Solidarity entrepreneurs will celebrate Entrepreneur for a Solidarity Economy Meeting, November 8-10, 2019, in Havana (Cuba) organized by Focolares Movement, Hub Cuba of Economy of Communion (EoC).

This event in its third edition will offer spaces to promote practice of values and of the Economy of Communion in the solidary entrepreneurship and sustainable social projects, on base of four pillars: To KNOW US to learn of our practices, difficulties and purposes in economic activities and projects, generating respect, trust and dialogue; To SHARE experiences, work methodologies, solutions to problems and, mainly, to put values that encourage our efforts in common; To CREATE nets of collaboration among entrepreneur, sustainable social projects and initiatives with social, solidarity purposes, collaborative and of communion; and To COLLABORATE in creation and development of solidarity entrepreneur and sustainable social projects.

In the Third Meeting of Entrepreneur for a Solidarity Economy will be able to participate entrepreneur solidarity (workers self-employed, artisans, artists and cooperative), leaders of social projects, public workers and other economic, social and environmental actors.

It will be in session three workshops where thematic related with challenges will be approached for development of solidarity entrepreneur; use of the Technology, Computer science and Communications in improvement of human relationships in work teams and with clients; and administration of cash and resources in entrepreneur from Solidarity Economy and of Communion. Equally, it will be being carried out the Second Conference for an Economy with People in Center where several masterful conferences and exchange of experiences will be presented.

The applications (EVENT FORM) to participate in 3rd MEETING OF ENTREPRENEUR FOR A SOLIDARITY ECONOMY will be received up to October 21, through communication with Yosniel García Marrero, General Coordinator by mail:

The participants will attend the event won’t be pay fees quota; if participants need lodging services, feeding, transportation from and toward terminal, and other services, they will send their necessities to mail: before October 31. Organizer Committee will send you by e-mail the offer and it will be effective your participation in the event with the payment confirmation for demanded services.

If you want to be beneficent of someone that wants to participate, or to contribute with expenses of meeting, we say thank you for your contribution.


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