Another school course culminates being satisfaction on part of professors and parents that their children like good students, knew to develop abilities, to acquire new knowledge, and of course, to grow being good people in spite of their limitations.

In the party of End of School Course 2018-2019 of the Manuel Ascunce Domenech Special School, of the city of Camagüey (Cuba), where they surrendered certificates from conquered year to each one of students on part of their professors that give best thing with a lot of love and dedication of yes for a future full with hopes and successes. Amanda, Director of School, stood out experiences and results reached during this school year, and commitment of continuing ahead in spite of the difficulties.

As part of the activity the Poty clown’s show was presented with juggling, participation games, riddles and dances. He made the yard of school of a magnificent scenario for happiness, under the intense and radiant good ¨ sun and sea of foam¨, like our apostle José Martí expressed in his simple verses.

The students, professors, teachers and parents became participant of party driven by clown, surprising assistant’s abilities of teachers and parents for the circus games. He went very moving to see to all their amusement and desires of passing a while of happiness, in people’s company that more they love in this world, and with dream of seeing next September again when it begins a new school course.

On the part of the Director of school was recognized the support afforded during whole school course that finishes people that, in a disinterested way, but with commitment and love they support to realization of these modest activities and parties so that it reigns happiness with princes.

The Traditions Cultural Project organizes activities and parties for children, girls and young where values, culture and history are promoted, having present the Social, Solidary and Economy of Communion. For their operation had received support of entrepreneur, and public workers, among those that stand out Store of Gifts Detail Paradises, Details Fantasies, Your Mascot, Gestar (countable services), The Glass Store of Craft, workers of the Young Club, Services Company, Cubanacan and Gestour (organization of parties and events). Also, the disposition has been received to collaborate on the part of the headquarters of Cuba Union of Computer.

People, companies and organizations that they want to collaborate and to support the Traditions Cultural Project can write us to for where we can clarify any doubt and we are at your disposal. Help us to grow, sharing happiness and experiences.

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