The Cuba Net of Economy of Communion (EoC) developed the Coexistence Meeting in two headquarters: Havana and Camagüey, as part of development and strengthening of the economic initiatives and entrepreneurship that want to have a positive social, solidary and environmental impact in Cuba. The objective was to live the experience of communion in the economic activity starting from exchange about how we make the values of dialogue, trust and reciprocity in the daily administration of our business on reality.


“Here they would have to arise industries, companies whose utilities put on freely in common with the same purpose of Christian community: before anything, to help those that suffer necessities, offer them works, in short, to make in such a way that there is not none in the poverty.”  

“Then, the earnings will also be good to develop the company and structures of the city, so that it can form new men: without new men a new society is not made!”

Economic initiatives and entrepreneurship linked to gastronomy, agricultural, musical and artistic, elaborations of crafts, handiworks and imitation jewelry, consultancy and education of entrepreneur, beauty services, linked to tourism like lodging and organization of travel and events, engravings in marble and other materials, countable services and economic orientation… of diverse Cuban counties as Santiago from Cuba, Camagüey, Cienfuegos, Havana and Artemisa; they lived, learned and shared knowledge, abilities and motivations in their search of being ¨good business¨ (efficient economically and profitable), also ¨good business¨ (that it contributes to common one).

The Economy of Communion offers a practical and possible focus of carrying out because it doesn’t discover in yes anything new, it tries to systematize or to organize in an orderly and coherent logic, acting daily of those who work from human values. Don’t value cared or copied of anybody, but those same ones that characterize Cuban idiosyncrasy: the proximity to other one, solidarity, familiarity, happiness, capacity to survive and to adapt, facing problems with a smile and a joke, affability, passion, desires to get a worthier life for the family, friends and whole nation.

Besides sharing difficulties, feelings and solution roads in common, we made a collective construction of the key concepts: what a business of Economy of Communion is and which features of their leaders are today in Cuba. The results were absolutely interesting: commitment with those that fewer have or they can, it is in total balance with desire of managerial profitability, contribution to happiness of workers, clients, suppliers, neighbors, competition… all people with those that company has relationship.

The necessity, no longer only of respecting, but of improving environment in that we live it is also indissoluble part of a business of Economy of Communion. Therefore, leaders are needed: committed with sustainable of business and also with vision technical and administrative knowledge, with a sensibility toward ethics, solidarity and justice. Without doubts, trust in other ones and in purpose of their organization it causes an optimism that can be suspicious.

Maybe somebody supposes that it is a little strange that nobody said: to have a lot of money or an access easy to same one, to be one that more knows about something in specific, limitless ambition to obtain earnings or to carry out plan and to make it at any cost, or that our beautiful Cuba is not blocked by a powerful U.S government, neither that it exists bigger freedom and public support.

It is not that we are too frank or that we don’t have same problems that rest of Cuban business: uncertainty legal, scarce access to commodities, teams, useful, tools, financing formal, deformed culture of the work, among others. But we realize that, if we cling to our strengths and values, to positive thing, we have many possibilities to see and to take advantage of opportunities; even to transform them into capacities.

Taken of Gestar.

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