Martha Jiménez inaugurated the work ¨Against wind and tide¨ in the last Biennial of Havana where it exposes the relationship of people with the sea, the overcoming of obstacles and the perseverance before difficult situations. The art work is located in Port Avenue (Boulevard of Paula), in front of the Old Warehouses of Rum and Tobacco in Havana. In the same way, it was present the work of Martha Jiménez in XXXIX International Tourism Fair in the Strength of San Carlos of the Cabin during last May.

The Martha Jiménez Workshop is in Carmen Square of Camagüey, inside the center historical declared World Cultural Heritage in 2008. Camagüey is known as city of the tinajones, labyrinth and of the churches.

In fact, in the Carmen square where it is the Martha Jiménez Workshop, the Carmen’s church is, with their singular architecture, history and community culture that it was represented by the artist in the statues.

Martha Jiménez has participated in different national and international events, among which it stands out the Art Parallax Fair 2018 in London, United Kingdom. Martha Jiménez highlights among the representatives of contemporary visual arts in Cuba and it has deserved several awards, among them that of the Unesco, in 1997, to the combined monumental of The Carmen’s Square.

It also stood out in the Second Biennial Contemporary of Vessels, in Shanghai (China), she won the laurel to best monumental sculpture in the 5to International Symposium of Terracotta in Eskisehir (Turkey).

On the other hand, in the Martha Jiménez Workshop is developed a Community Cultural Project ¨Paintbrush with kiss soul¨ where children learn plastic arts and they carry out small exhibitions and exchange of experiences with workers and other specialists. This way, one works with the new generations in the development of abilities and values.

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