The combination between gastronomy and hostelry in Doña Luz marks a different stamp in this family business. It can stand out the hospitality and kindness when being received in the Doña Luz Hostel. It has 4 rooms for rent with good comfort that includes climate, dilutes cold and hot, nice beds, private bathroom and it is very welcoming.

It is capable to put up families, friends, students, and people that want to exchange with the Cuban family, especially with that of the Camagüey, city that is recognized as city of the churches, labyrinth, and of the tinajones, with more than 500 years of existence and a pretty history and people’s culture that they inhabit it.

Also, their atmosphere is distinguished for works of arts and beautiful wooden old furniture, with a lot of care they have been conserved in spite of the lapsed time. In the same way, it stands out the porcelain flagstone and the glassware in a general way, to feel to pleasure when staying in this particular house, hostel or rent room like they are usually known in Cuba to this business type.

They make allusion to one of the read texts in the world: Bible. Starting from which come in their vision when ¨ said God: Hague light, and there was light. God saw it that the light was good and God separated the light of the darkness, and God called to the light Day, and to the darkness he called it Night. ¨ (Genesis 1, 4-5).

Luz said: ¨ Hague Restaurant, and there was restaurant, she saw that the restaurant was good and it added him recreation, she noticed that it was magnificent and she add nature to make this special place. ¨

It is that offers of the Doña Luz restaurant is distinctive, it contains an own shade, according to her owner. Because the ideas when being transmitted from parents to children conformed an affordable dish for the visitors and varied that is adjusted the most demanding client, with a style that looks like to the country and rural areas of the beautiful Cuba, where traveler and family share the flavorful plates, with delight the desire to return to the one who taste of this Creole food.

The dishes are an entire provocation to the good one to eat with an excellent scent. Their offer is varied maintaining the offers according to the provisions that exist in the market that they are scarce in many occasions; but with a lot of zeal in the good one to make their work community contributes the best of yes so that the client sits down like at home.

They can make an appointment some plates that are recommended, for example: croquettes, fried pork masses, chicharritas, lamb fricassee, fished entirely fried or fish fillet with onion, fried chickpeas, crème caramel, natural juice and the refreshing Tínima beer.

Doña Luz restaurant and hostel is on Finlay Avenue # 464 between 1st and 3rd, Port Prince neighborhood Camagüey city (Cuba).

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