The recently concluded International of Tourism Fair of Cuba (FitCuba) 2019 was dedicated to Spain like country, that it was promoted the events and incentives from the strength of San Carlos de la Cabaña, headquarters of the great appointment. Also, FitCuba tribute to the 500 years of the foundation of San Cristóbal’s village, today Havana. It had presence of Juan Fernández Trigo, Spanish Ambassador in Cuba, and of María Reyes, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain who it reaffirmed the commitment of continuing working to strengthen the commercial knots between both countries.

Inside the main results of FitCuba 2019 can mention the realization of the Forum of Business between Cuban and Spanish managers in the National Hotel, declared National Monument. On purpose of the encounter, Manuel Marrero, Minister of Tourism, stood out the potentialities that he has Cuba like travel destination for enjoyment of its natural and heritage beauties, its beaches, the exchange with Cuban family and mainly to be a tourist destination of peace.

In the inauguration of FitCuba 2019, he called to all the participants to work to arrive to the goal of reaching the figure of 5 million tourists to the closing of this year. In the same way, he summoned to look for alternative and to have creativity in front of the obstacles that are presented. The Cuban minister stood out the growth of the lodging at hostel or rent room, and at the moment it is had a capacity of 26 thousand 602 rooms, what overcomes the rooms of the public sector in patrimonial cities and that they are in operation 18 cooperatives in the tourism sector.

In the same way, he commented on the decrease in the emission of tourists for the following countries: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. Also, Marrero added that 30% of the tourists that arrive to Cuba makes it for friends and family´s recommendation, and 30% for internet. While 28% of foreign visitors is motivated by the beach and 22% by the culture and the heritage. Havana continues being the main Cuban tourist destination, for where it is received more than half of the tourism that arrives to the island.

As part of the presentations dedicated to the events and incentives the Masterful Conference it was stood out offered by Pablo Weil, President of the COCAL, making a call to preserve the Latin American identity, their culture and since heritage there resides the true value and distinction like destination of events and incentives.

On purpose of being dedicated FitCuba 2019 to the events and incentives, it also communicated to the participants the different services that Gestour offers, when offering you personalized products, adjusted to your necessities and that the enjoyment of unforgettable moments is facilitated in the accompaniment of your experiences and memories. The main events, incentives and parties that Gestour organizes are the Birthdays, Corporate Events, Meeting of Business, Events of Incentives, Family and Friends Events, Launchings of products or services, Thematic Events, and others that the clients propose. It is available a form to facilitate the collection of information with view to present you the offer that is of their pleasure and fulfill their expectations in someone travel destination of Cuba in the web page. For it, it is shared happiness and experiences.

The next International Tourism Fair of Cuba (FitCuba) 2020 will be in the Varadero beach, classified as the second better beach of the world. It will be devoted to Russia like invited country of honor and it will be promoted the product of sun and beach.

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