Jacques of Sister, The Olonés and until Black Beard would seem cradle children if we abide to the real histories or not that Henry Morgan has more than enough they have been written, because apart from being in a single piece farmer, corsair, pirate, smuggler, pro-slavery, political, cattle thief, lieutenant governor from Jamaica and gentleman of the English crown, everything indicates that it was more evil of that than they say.

In all ways, Morgan should be something introverted because when it attacked a company it was not of those that it passed personally to knife to its prisoners neither it set on fire the cities that it razed, since always he had by hand to other to make this task, although it is already known that those that pass the life speaking always exist bad of the other ones.

He was born in the breast of a rich family farmer in Wales, England, in 1635 and he died placidly in Jamaica in 1688 without many positions of conscience like it is to happen in these cases. They say that when arriving at the island Turtle the news of their death that gave the siblings of coast it lasted one week, not because particularly they were happy of their death neither because this at some time had betrayed them or until having pursued and hung some dozens of them when he wanted to be made notice as governor from Jamaica, but because their partners of forays had good memory.

We should recognize that, although Morgan didn’t stand out in its 55 years of life for assaults filibusters to Spanish, French galleons and of any country, including from time to time his, if he had sounded successes for victorious campaigns in mainland. There they have, for example, their attacks to Porto Velo, Campeche, Panama, and our illustrious Santa María of the Prince’s Port (today Camagüey) that for then it was very amusing with the that that you grieve four years ago we had received the Spanish king’s authorization so that we were given the treatment of Don, something like that as a nobiliary title of tiny category, but for that date we passed it with full happy and pride.

The village had reached fame, honors and wealth, attractiveness more than enough for the gang of bandits that they populated the Caribbean, Morgan among them understood that if Port Prince, in development and inland to be he believed to have been liberated of the lash of corsairs and pirates, it could be vulnerable for the surprise.

So without thinking twice it gathered in their feud from Jamaica to a troop of 600 wicked Englishmen and French, and on board twelve ships they arrived until Santa María’s tideland, next to the current Slopes, for where they disembarked disrespectfully on Thursday, March 28, 1668 in full masses and processions of the Saint Week.

Accustomed to war the invaders they went to step I live covering in one day the distance until the village of Port Prince, breaking to the dawn of the following day the resistance that in the Father’s Joint savanna, approximately for where today he is the allotment Nadales neighborhood, they opposed him beside the Tínima river about 400 disorganized and not well armed neighbors of the village that were easily beaten by the attackers, taking possession of the village, not without before to have to combat in the population’s streets. Subjected finally to looting and made the outrages of rigor like it is to make to professional pirates and that it is not necessary to detail, they set on fire the village after having been taken, the columnists say, until the nails of the doors, more than 50 000 pesos in gold and silver, as well as the ornaments of the churches, including bells, canyons, loads of flour, corn, cheese, tobacco and salted 500 heads that they should carry until the coast the neighboring prisoners, retiring the attackers finally toward their ships on first Sunday of April.

Three and a half centuries after that episode, Camagüey, hardly recovered in the time if he has the captain’s memory Morgan, unless images of pirates and corsairs that have left us novels and movies of adventures and jokes like this: “and then amid the fight, when the captain pirate ordered to his company to Approach! The enemy ship was of the most beautiful thing.”

Taken of Adelante.

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