The most extensive in the counties Cuban like to promote among their tourist attractiveness the rich culinary tradition of region, like incentive for national and foreign tourists, for what will welcome the First International Gastronomic Seminar Tastes like Camagüey.

This Festival Gourmet will have participation of personalities of that environment of countries like Spain, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Mexico, together to chefs, maîtres, bartenders and sommeliers of restaurants of hotel chains and extra-hotels, and other belonging to the private sector.

The meeting will propitiate the reflection and training to professionals linked directly with the client next March from 20 to 22, to achieve a differentiation and excellence in the gastronomic service of a heritage city, on base of the inherited local potentialities of a vast cultural history.

Yunesky Canteli González, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in Camagüey (Cuba), she aimed that meeting will have theoretical sessions in the Santa Cecilia Conventions Center; dinners in the main squares of the city; show-cooking (show of elaborations of plates in front of the diners); and opening of several of the gastronomic units and tourism the Republic street, for the tasting in the exterior of those facilities.

The First International Gastronomic Seminar Tastes like Camagüey will constitute an opportunity to foment the culinary art as tourist incentive, in a city that shows a tendency to the increment in arrival of strange tourists, mainly of United States and Europe.

Taken of Radio Cadena Agramonte.

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