The Camagüey city (Cuba) closed their Week of the Culture, with the same mixture traditions that it has characterized the whole day, a true opportunity to enhance the best in our identity.

From the opening of celebration with the traditional reading of the Decree that regulates them, the city showed that to add 505 years remits us to a vast History of books and popular voices that it cannot lack in a true celebration of this type, in fact because Culture includes the works that ascend to the most noted scenarios, and sonority, and customs that are gestated day by day in the of each one of us.

In the opening elegance, with the teacher’s general address Fernando Medrano Virella, 700 artists united to remind Nicolás Guillén, Adalberto Álvarez and to the emblematic statues of the Carmen’s square, transformed into symbol of this City of the Tinajones.

With same intention of it enhances of the most authentic in creation from the base, the movement of artists fond of county was important part of the unique program conceived for commemorative day, with events of popular culture as the Papito García In Memoriam, organized by the House of Culture Ignacio Agramonte, the competitions of poetry of love, tenth and poems, favored by the houses Amalia Simoni, Julio Antonio Mella and Joaquín de Agüero, or the events of popular culture of this last one that included to its groups payees of Haitian traditions.

More spaces for the literature ran in charge of Writers Meeting in their XXX edition, with headquarters in the Provincial Julio Antonio Mella Library that received in its gallery new Muse the personal exhibition you Loas for the ceramist’s angel Ángel Blanco Miralles, and in their debate tables to important intellectual camagüeyan and companies as Reynaldo Suárez and Luciano Castillo.

Besides the delivery of prize Doors of Mirror to Ivette Vian writer, and the moments dedicated to reading with authors of territory, the homage stood out in the program of appointment to the grateful journalist and intellectual villager Manuel Villabella, to the centennial Provincial Band of Concerts, and to the Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry.

The conservation of the tangible and intangible heritage, was even more evident during the debates of the XIII International Challenges in the Handling and Administration of Cities Symposium, organized by the Historian’s Office that it stopped us new desires to take care as much as they have in this city, and pleasing memories like the presence of Eusebio Leal Spengler, Historian from Havana who participated of other important moments, as the opening of the ExpoCam and Art 500 + fairs, and it stood out the last and current values of The Mayor’s earth.

In fact, after taking care of that heritage that so much makes proud us, they work to daily people and institutions, as those that recognizes every year the prize Alarife Público Fulgencio Arambula, granted this time to the architect María Isabel Torrens Amador, with 34 years of work dedicated to the space physical planning and the urban administration in Camagüey.

Artists of national and international prestige were added to the celebrations from the Concert for the city that was in charge of the novel exponent of the Cuban music Erick Iglesias, Cimafunk, until the Sound Camagüeyan that closed the celebration, with the participation of other big ones of the popular music as Alexander Abreu and Habana D’ Primera, Bamboleo and Manolito Simonet with their Trabuco, besides the unforgettable presence of Lidis Lamorú, thanked mainly by smallest in several scenarios of the municipality and during presentation María Parchitos, the doll of bigger cloth of the world, a gift of Carsueños for the village principeña.

To the closing of the Week of the Culture in Camagüey were added, also, the Ballet of Camagüey, company of international prestige, with four premiere pieces; and a musical gift loaded with authenticity and of the best in our roots: Legends camagüeyan.

In the show this way noted they converged the Tínima opera, of the Italian composer resided in Cuba Adriano Galucci that recaptures the history of love and the woman’s rebelliousness that it gives name to one of the main rivers of this city, with the participation of soprano Milagro de los Ángeles and the first floor Marcos Lima, as well as the well-known Legends camagüeyan taken to the staff by Gerardo Alfonso who set the music many of those histories that have crossed the centuries among voices of the villagers.

The Week of the Culture lapsed in a harmony among past and present that it illustrates the Camagüey, place of traditions and of a History that is continued building in each new anniversary of the foundation of the village of Santa María of the Prince’s Port.

Taken of Cadena Agramonte

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