The exclusivity in a destination of sun and beach like Key Santa María, Cuba, already has a name. Paradisus Los Cayos, a modern ecoresort everything included located in one of the virgin beaches in the destination offers, in a deluxe atmosphere, each service that a tourist can want to feel at home.

Excellent service, gastronomy and comfort define this hotel giant that Meliá Hotels International has transformed into paradise, without neglecting a detail.

“Paradisus Los Cayos is a hotel of the new generation Paradisus of Meliá Hotels International. It has 802 suites and it is divided in three products: Royal Service that is single adults, The Reserves for families that add 250 rooms junior suites and master suites (76) and the general product”, explained to its managing Panche Krstoski.

The section Family Concierge proposes an exceptional experience thanks to the personalized service, varied entertainment programs among those that is worth to highlight the infantile area with a park surprising pool, and a very welcoming game area for enjoyment of table games, television, to provide the creativity with handiworks, reading, with guarantee of an exceptional care on part of the workers, what allows to rest of the family will be able to enjoy a mature alone time with total tranquility.

It is worth to highlight that smallest can also enjoy an own dinner in a restaurant to their measure, where they will be mom and dad who are adjusted to the dimensions of that wonderful world in which to serve is synonymous of spoiling.

Panche Krstoski underlined the facilities equally for events with a great room fórum of 910 m2 with the capacity it stops more than 900 people in style theater and also rooms executives. Also, the flexibility of hotel allows to have events everywhere and of any nature like 15 year-old parties, birthday, weddings, and any other celebration type.

Another advantage is that the participants in work encounters can enjoy to its family, which will receive all the necessary attentions.

On the other hand, an exceptional beach waits to few meters of the hotel next to a charismatic team of exciting or the possibility to admire the unique natural environment that surrounds it placidly.

Sport courts, nautical point, gym and hairdresser, rooms of massages, trips compose a wide fan of possibilities for the total enjoyment of the vacations.

That natural attractiveness it unites the gastronomy of very high level, with eight restaurants, five snacks and 14 bars with styles and combinations that they give to diner flavors of diverse regions of the world.

Another detail is that the stewardship service counts with personal highly qualified, trained by specialists of world fame, what unites to the zeal of its workers in completing each client’s expectations.

“As a hotel of high level we are in all the markets, even of high deluxe level”, their General director affirmed. So far tourists of all parts of the world have received: Italy, Spain, Greece, Canada, and France.

With the result that a total covering of Internet is guaranteed in the whole hotel, included the rooms, with high speed and efficiency. “It is already demonstrating that Key Santa María is a digital pole, a promise made reality.”

Then Paradisus Los Cayos bring the luxury to their vacations. Meliá Cuba proposes an exceptional resort with the singularity of giving an unforgettable piece of the Caribbean from one of the destinations of sun and beach more attractive of Cuba.

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