The Boulevard of Van Horne is the new attraction in Camagüey city (Cuba). A lot of time spent the street in construction and today the agramontinos can enjoy history of the Railroad in the contemporary of diverse leisure proposals.

One of the entrances to street begins with the Rail Thematic Park, in which are exhibited two original locomotives of the endowment of the old geniuses Senado and Lugareño.

It adds Square bar and Station cafeteria, where photographic designs of the common rail machines can be appreciated in the city during XIX and XX centuries, and to delight with a varied gastronomic offer.

Although it lacks stages for a total remodeling of the old terminal of trains, the Rail Museum promises to be a wide cultural complex that will include a room of transitory exhibitions, a digitalization shop and a classroom to impart classes to children about history of railroad in Camagüey.

Another option that invites to camagüeyan to recreation and learning of local History. The Rail Museum is located in old terminal of trains, to honor the rail tradition of Camagüey, like part of Thematic Park on the call on the way to iron.

The locomotives are a historical bond between Railroad and development of the sugar industry in the county of Camagüey. The camagüeyan enjoys renovated image of the facade and interiors of the Square Hotel.

The one of Van Horne is the only boulevard thematic railwayman of Cuba, until the moment.

Taken of Radio Cadena Agramonte.

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