With the city tourism like main character, and also a high quota in nature tourism, the industry without chimneys in Santiago from Cuba to develop a strong bond among the tourist facilities and the culture, history, traditions and their wonderful environment.

Such attractiveness contributes a positive way to preference of those who opt for the modality of circuits with a high presence of German market.

Tourism in Santiago from Cuba: culture, history and traditions. 

It confirms this way the opening of hotels like Second Front, associated to historical place of equal it names that it stores up the mark of one of the momentous moments of revolutionary fight and memory of combatants and martyrs; or the hotels The Pelegrinos -already open to the public – and The Copper, of next inauguration, summoned in the town of the Copper, a sacred place that it keeps the mining tradition of the county and it welcomes the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Charity, Patron from Cuba.

Now more than ever, the tourist will be able to feel santiaguero, to be said a little Cuban. In the case of the ¨coopers¨, they have created an entire cultural movement that promote non alone religious element for thousands of tourists that it receives every year the Virgin’s Sanctuary, but rather also sandal different artistic manifestations.

In declarations to the press, Marisol Rodríguez, delegate of the Minister of Tourism in Santiago from Cuba, commented on projects like the Steel Band, belonging to the Caribbean House and that it has its own headquarters inside the town; also the choir Voices of the Miracle, grateful at national level.

Equally it was The Copper scenario of revolutionary plans of the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro and the Army Rebellious -talked her -, and after the victory of the Revolution witness of important historical moments, elements all that have contributed to that the Associative Landscape The Cobre is at the moment National Monument.

In accordance with Marisol, the hotels before mentioned they mark the beginning of a development. “The Copper will open up with 18 rooms, but it has foreseen the increment of a block more until arriving at 41 rooms.”

Also, in The Pelegrinos works in the termination of a viewpoint from which one will be able to appreciate the Sanctuary among mountains, a view matchless that will be part of singular memories in the step for the place without doubts.

The delegate exposed that Santiago from Cuba has 1620 rooms to those that 158 are added with the new openings. Next to those already mentioned they are the Enramadas hotels, Perla from Cuba -an old property associated to the railroad, but also to history the attackers lodged to barracks since there Moncada for what has a room museum -; another in Punta Gorda, with 14 rooms and the Deportivo Hotel, with 106 rooms linked to that thematic one. Of agreement with it would work her, it will plan to add 937 rooms up to the 2030.

In her conversation with press means, she referred the growth from arrivals to Santiago for road of the cruises, and she announced that for the next winter season it will plan arrival of new ships that it will allow the tourist potential of city whose historical center is to some 800 meters of port to take advantage.

She explained that regarding the main markets issuer it stays the traditional ones as Canada, Germany, Holland and Spain. Then Santiago from Cuba grows and develops, at the same time, its tourist industry to consolidate among the main destinations of bigger than the Antilles.

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