Second International of Entrepreneur Meeting for a Solidary Economy will develop, November, 9 to 11, 2018, in Havana (Cuba), organized by the Focolares Movement, the ArteCorte Project and Loyola Center. It will be able to participate entrepreneurs, managers, artisans, artists, investigators, students, academic, and social promoters, interested or linked in the realization of business and social projects.

In the first day of debate will be in session the First Conference for a Centered Economy in the Person (November 9, 2018), in Theater ¨17 and 66¨.  This conference is summoned by the Coordination for the Economy of Communion of the Focolares Movement in Cuba. They expressed in the notification that ¨we have the security that, to advance in the integral human development of each Cuban, it is imposed to go toward ways of to visualize and to think the economy, as well as of practical economic, different to the prevailing pattern. The Social and Solidary Economy, the Cooperativism, the Economy of Communion and other alternative proposals to the paradigm hegemony; we identify contributions and concrete values that would rot -then of a conscious welcome and a moderated implementation -, to generate a convergent movement (…) ¨.

The presentation will have a duration of 15-20 minutes like maximum and you will be sent before October 31 to the General Coordinator’s mail Yosniel García Marrero: The inscription fees for the Conference is of 2,00 CUC/pax.

While the sessions of November 10 and 11, they will be in the San Juan M. Vianney Priestly House. The objective of the meeting is to offer a space to promote the practice of the solidary values and of the Economy of Communion (EoC) in the entrepreneurs and sustainable social projects, on the base of four pillars: To know us, to Share, to Create, and to Collaborate.

Among the topics to debate in the Meeting are: Economy, culture and society; The values in the economy; Social commitment vs. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Good practical and successful experiences in solidary companies and of communion; The challenges of the managerial administration; Solve through support nets and reciprocal help; Companies guided by values; and The proposal of the Economy of Communion. The inscription fees of the Meeting are of 30,00 CUC/pax and the applications will be received up to October 31, 2018.

In the celebrations for the Anniversary 25 of the Economy of Communion the Francisco Pope made a call to all the people of good will to multiply, in ideas and actions, to make of our world a better place: ” (…) they can share more benefits to combat idolatry, to change structures to prevent the creation of victims and of discarded ones; to donate more their yeast to ferment the bread of many. That not to an economy that kills it becomes a yes to an economy that makes live, because it shares, it includes the poor, it uses benefits to create communion. (…) They already make it; they can still make it more.”

In this 2nd International of Entrepreneur Meeting for a Solidary Economy, Gestour offers you the following offers for the foreign delegates:


Include: To pick up in the José Martí International Airport toward headquarters of the event, according to the hour of arrival of the flight. Transportation from the headquarters of the event toward the José Martí International Airport.

Price: 60,00 CUC/pax (it is obligatory advanced payment, before October 31, 2018).



Dates beginning: 11/12/2018

Dates end: 11/17/2018

Include: transportation, lodging (hostel and rent room), feeding (breakfast, lunch and dinner), city tour and countryside excursion, exchange meeting with projects of social, solidary and of economy of communion, optional to enjoy the Cuban music and dance.

Not include: air ticket, travel insurance.

Price: 1655,00 CUC/pax (it is obligatory advanced payment, before October 31, 2018).








12 Breakfast.

City excursion ¨Old Havana¨ (Félix Varela Cultural Center, Real Fuerza Castle and Giraldilla, The Templete, Armas Square, Capitanes Generales Palace, Obispo street, San Gerónimo university, Catedral Square and Church, Bodeguita del Medio).

Lunch in restaurant where you will taste the Cuban and international food. Visiting to Proyecto ArteCorte.

Excursion by classic cars ¨ Modern Havana ¨ (Prado, Malecón, Paseo, Plaza de la Revolución, Calle G, Calle 23, Infanta, Carlos Tercero, Parque Central).

Dinner in restaurant where you will taste the Cuban and international food.

Night excursion ¨Cañonazo del Morro¨ (Enjoy the Ceremony of the Gunshot from San Carlos of the Cabaña Strength.).

Lodging in Havana.

13 Breakfast.

Transfer to Cienfuegos (via Girón beach).

Nature excursion ¨Laguna del Tesoro¨ (Bigger Humidity of America, reserves of the biosphere, area of natural beauty. Walk in ship for the Lagoon of the Treasure, visit to the replica of the Taína Village).


City tour: Perla del Sur en Cienfuegos.

Free time.


Night excursion ¨Benny: El Bárbaro del Ritmo¨ (optional to dance or to listen the Cuban music).

Lodging in Cienfuegos.

14 Breakfast.

To exchange with Communion project (project of agricultural, cultural development and of making of handicrafts).


Transfer to Trinidad.

City tour: World Handicraft City.


Night party ¨Salsa Cubana¨ (optional to dance with Cuban music in direct).

Lodging in Trinidad.

15 Breakfast.

Countryside excursion: Monte Adentro (To ride by horse until the Cuban cascade, where you will be able to exchange with entrepreneurship).


Opcional of sun and beach in Ancón.


Night party ¨Guajiro Natural¨ (optional to dance with Cuban music in direct).

Lodging in Trinidad.

16 Breakfast.

Transfer to Santa Clara.


Visiting to social project (care of patient psychiatric for Cuban Catholics).


Free time.

Lodging in Santa Clara.

17 Breakfast.

Transfer to José Martí international airport of Havana. Farewell. End the services.

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