The mobile application Camagüeyan Cooks conform more than 30 typical plates that presented the Tourism Training Center (FORMATUR) of the county, with the objective of contributing to rescue of the culinary tradition from new technologies.

Available for Android operating system for smart telephones, and in Spanish and English languages, the application divides the main content in the sections of Incoming, main Plates and Prostrate, and it offers recipes, elaboration ways, pictures and videos of gastronomic practice.

During it launching in Camagüey, Iliana Cervantes Alonso, subdirector of Investigation and Development in FORMATUR, explained to ACN that the objective of that initiative is not alone to show recipes, but also to contribute knowledge on that art that constitutes an important element of identity.

Camagüeyan cooks refers that the beef rolls were the poet’s favorite plate Gertrudis Gómez of Avellaneda grove and it informs where taste delights like the bowling are been able to larded to the camagüeyan or the dish principeño.

The application was presented recently in the context of a shop summoned by FORMATUR and other institutions, to validate a proposal of six plates that it will identify to the wide tradition culinary camagüeyan inside the offers in hotels and public and private restaurants.

In answer to that initiative, summoned by the Ministry of Tourism to stand out to the typical Cuban cuisine as a feature identitario inside the offers of that sector, it was chosen to the camagüeyan ajiaco like one of the most representative.

Also, it classified the rice with beans to the camagüeyan, the matahambre –dessert of cassava, egg, butter, came dry and sesame -, the beef roll, the bowling to the style principeño and the pastelón to the camagüeyan, among a previous list of more than 60 proposals.

Taken of ACN.

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