The Barmen Association from Cuba informed that it stops ends of this professional month of the country they will try to create the cocktail bigger Cuba Libre of the world.

A report added that the test will be next August 26, during the celebration in Havana of the 22 version of the Cocktail Pan-American Meeting IBA 2018 that it will have for headquarters to the Tryp Havana Libre Hotel.

They reported that Cuba will look for to implant a record Guinness during that encounter (August, 25 to 31), competition that has great attention of the world of the cocktail and the tourism, mainly for Latin America.

The boss of bars of the Havana Libre, Sergio Serrano, leading the initiative of the biggest Cuba Libre and it certified that the Havana Club International company and it will take charge of the container, a recipient of a thousand liters, besides contributing the rum.

On the other hand, the The Portals company., it will contribute of the line soda. That cocktail will use a conical glass of about two meters high, specially manufactured for the record.

The container will have a pedestal that will be in the Las Cañitas bar, scenario of the prowess, in which it will participate a group of grateful Cuban barmen, and winners of international and national competitions of cocktail.

Serrano added that in the initiative they will use 18 boxes of Havana Club rum 3 Years, depending on the stones of ice that are necessary, next to a great quantity of line soda.

During that test they will be present directive of the International Bartenders Association (IBA), competitors, participants and companies, as well as the historian from Havana, Eusebio Leal.

The organizers of that prowess consider that the Cuba Libre, next to Mojito and Daiquirí is part of the 10 more famous Cuban swigs of the world.

With the result that keeping in mind the Pan-American encounter of cocktail and the preparations for the 500 years of Havana (November 16, 2019) it is an extremely attractive moment.

In the same way, it is available in the web an application (android system) on the cocktails. In which their recipe and preparation way appear, for all the lovers of the cocktails, to base rum, ginebra, whisky, vodka, tequila, cognac, champagne and other cocktails without alcohol.

With information of Gestour and Latin Press.

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