After a wait, Trinidad received the condition of Handcrafted City of the World of the World of Crafts Council. The condition impacts in a bigger rooting of the handcrafted traditions in Trinidad (Cuba). After being examined span to span for several members of the World of Crafts Council (WCC, for its initials in English), the third village been founded by the Spaniards in Cuba is erected as the first one as for the rooting of the handcrafted traditions and it is located in the interest center of foreign and national travelers.

The expressions of the handiworks that today lives in that city are the way of subsistence of several generations of trinitarian who, in its majority, they have been nurtured of the knowledge of communities that have been formed to teach the traditions. In that sense, it is distinguished Siempre a mano workshop, gestated by Mery Viciedo and with guarantee of the university headquarters of the town, which registers as graduated to more than 100 people.

Fortunately, the trinitarian creations have passed over the frontiers from the city when being presented and to be marketed in the editions of the International of Craft Fair, main event organized by the Cuban Fund of Goods Cultural, Art for Mom, Art in The Ramp and other spaces. Trinidad bets every day because in its paved back streets, parks and housings continue charging life the techniques of the needle like the one unravelled, the frivolité, lace Tenerife, fork crochet or miñardí and handmade lace; as well as other handiworks that it draws the idiosyncrasy from the city to smaller scale.

Taken of Escambray.

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