With the purpose of rushing in an international way the most important career in Cuba, the Marabana marathon was presented in Meliá Cohíba hotel (Havana) on the part of Cuban directive and of Densu Aegis Network, with its unit specialized in sport MKTG.

It will run the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10 kilometers in Havana, Cuba (Marabana) next November 18. In their 32 years this marathon possesses an attractive circuit for all the architectural, historical and cultural values that distinguish to the capital of Cuba. Marabana summons in the events that integrate it to championships open with runners and conventional walkers, Elites, non-Elites, Master, Handicapped (blind, deaf and runners in seats of wheels).

Cuba defends the practice of the sport like a right of the town and Marabana it is an example of it. This project has a passionate team and a committed, competent voluntarily and prepared in each edition to give everything for him success. Marabana has always had the support of Mapoma (Marathon of Madrid) and during more than three decades both events have shared ¨solidarity, effort, sacrifice and fraternity¨. Marabana signed a contract with EBM Marketing Solutions for administration of sponsorship and services of integral communication in 2016.

Marabana signs a contract of collaboration with MKTG/RPM, division of sports and lifestyle marketing of the Group Dentsu Aegis in this 2018. It reinforces its promotion at international level in several rally with this alliance. The internationalization of the marathon, with the forecast of an important increase of the number of foreign runners and of the countries represented in the same one to half term.

Marabana is internationalized and it aspires to become one from the reference events to international level and it begins a new work stage.

If you like to participate in Marabana marathon, you just contact Gestour team for more information by: info@travelgestour.com

With information of EBM Marketing Solutions and Gestour.

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