Pealing of the drums and the upset movement that it is perceived in the main quarters of the historical center of Camagüey (Cuba), they evidence that the San Juan Camagüeyan, festivity of older traditional popular culture of the country, continues effective.

Of equal the population it waits for it to enjoy some carnivals that form part of its idiosyncrasy, history and traditions, between the 24 and 29 (June), original dates of the Christian tradition that frame the days of the patron saints San Juan and San Pedro, respectively.

From months before, the rehearsals of congas rehearse in the nights that each one of those groupings of spontaneous and eminently popular character, they prepare to give the best.

That delivery attitude and love to the sonority that has been conserved per centuries and transmitted of generation in generation, it is the alive example of the self-denial and decision of being clever for when it plays to each grouping their presentations before the jury and to demonstrate that their choreographies and to peal of their rhythmic compositions is the best.

The competitions are always quarreled, stiller when legendary collective as Los Comandos, one of the oldest, and that it has origin formerly in the town councils of the Villa Santa María of the Prince’s Port, they put to the moment an unique sonority for the used instruments that harmoniously they fuse drums, trumpets, rattles – orchestrate wooden in cross form with foils of nailed bottles and cowbells.

Those congas they sink others of fame and that their faithful followers that roll to their step, always possess like they are La Farola, La Arrolladora, La Estrella, Los Retoños, those that offer an unique sonority to the party, even one of them, Los Caribes, it was in charge of Cristina Ramírez, only woman director of conga well-known agramontina so far, and of the one that it speculates she is only also in all Cuba.

Every year, after the Reading of the Decree, June 24, habit that from their beginnings mark the rules of the order and the behavior to continue during the parties, the San Juan Camagüeyan begins -arisen when the cattlemen went to the fairs of sales of heads, salted meats and skins in those same days during the colonial time -, the one that, through centuries of tradition, although with airs of modernity, it has remained for villagers’ pride and visitors.

Taken of Adelante.

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