The XV International of Economic Sciences Conference realized June from 12 to 14 in Santa Cecilia Conventions Center, favored by Economy Faculty of the Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz University of Camagüey (Cuba).

Investigators and educational of Cuban universities and of Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Ecuador debated about the scientific publications, administration of sustainable tourism and the local development, during the XV International of Economic Sciences Conference that happened in Camagüey.

The administration of the sustainable tourism, local development and urban resilience, they occupied the attention of professors, investigators, government employee, businessman (Gestour, Gestar and Santa María Company) in the XV International of Economic Sciences Conference, contained in two commissions of work of the scientific forum, with headquarters in the Santa Cecilia Conventions Center.

It took place as part of the program of the scientific event the First Symposium for the integrated administration of the tourism like factor of local development, with the objective of to modernize knowledge and to present tools from different disciplines to develop a bigger impact in the economic development in the towns.

The binomial heritage and tourism, competitiveness, innovation and the use of the technologies of the information and communications and the labor competitions in the sector, they were matters debated by the commission, driven by the Doctor in Sciences María Elena Betancourt, of the Studies Multidisciplinary of the Tourism Center (CEMTUR), of University Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz of Camagüey.

They were presented strategies for a better commercialization of the Tinajones City like travel destination, taking advantage of the computer applications, the tangible and intangible attractiveness, the services, so much public company as of the private business, and the professionalism of those who work in the hotel facilities.

The next edition of the International of Economic Sciences Conference will be carried out in the year 2020, as it announced the Organizing Committee of the event in its convocation.

With information of Gestour.

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