The conservation of the heritage figures today among the main actions of the Historian’s Office (OHCC) of this city to catapult Camagüey like one of the main destinations for the cultural tourism in Cuba.

In this center-oriental county, where it takes place the Administration and Handling of Cities Symposium annually, and in the one that participate representatives of the Unesco, the care and the preservation of properties, as well as the activities that include traveled by the city are primordial especially in the summer stage.

The director of the OHCC, José Rodríguez, expressed that the assiduous tourists to the area of the city declared Cultural Humanity Heritage ¨looks for the architectural physical exponents because they explain who are, of there the importance of to preserve them and to inculcate that habit in the population¨.

In fact, of group with the authorities of one of the first villages been founded by the Spaniards in Cuba, in February of 1514, the Office looks for alternatives for the families that they inhabit properties of crucial importance at the moment for the architectural history of the city.

Jewels of constructions like the current Tribunal of Camagüey, headquarters in 1800 of the Real Audience Dominicopolitana -the oldest in Spanish America – of Sacred Domingo’s administrative district in the Villa Santa María of the Puerto Principe, they also receive the attention prioritized as regards restoration on the part of the OHCC.

¨Has a responsibility before the history, so the care of our specialists when restoring any property is priority to ennoble the legacy of a singular architecture in the whole Island ¨, Rodríguez delimited.

In the celebration of the most recent edition in the Challenge in the Handling and Administration of the Cities Symposium, the doctor Eusebio Leal, Historian from Havana, argued that ¨Camagüey has an extraordinary importance, it is not alone of preserving a square, it is the public concern embodied in all and each one of us¨.

Important tour operators of all the regions of the planet travels every year emblematic places camagüeyan, as the Center of Interpretation with its scale model of the historical area, located in the Agramonte park, nucleus urban, and the square San Juan de Dios.

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