The recently concluded International Tourism Fair (FitCuba) 2018 that it was developed in Key Santa María, Villa Clara (Cuba), it was dedicated to the product sun and beach, and United Kingdom as invited country of honor. In the same closing Manuel Marrero Cruz, Minister of Tourism in Cuba, assured that they were ¨ four days of intense and fruitful negotiations. Such it is this way that would dare to qualify this fair like one of the best that have carried out until the moment¨.

During the celebration of fair there was opportunity so that the different travel destinations of Cuba to advertise their products and services, with marked interest in promoting the authentic thing from the differentiation for regions. Such it is the case, of the Workshop (art gallery) Martha Jiménez that is in the Carmen’s square in the city of Camagüey, well-known as city labyrinth, of the tinajones, and of the churches. The life and the grateful artist’s camagüeyan work was present during all the days of FitCuba 2018 in different spaces.

The art gallery Martha Jiménez is one of the main attractiveness for travelers and tourists that visits the legendary Camagüey, Cultural Heritage of the Humanity. With their serpentine streets and of paving stones, it is an important tourist destination for the history, culture and singular idiosyncrasy of the camagüeyan. The appreciation of the art of Martha Jiménez has allowed since 2008, they have visited the gallery more than 12 thousand tourists of different nationalities, mainly, of Canada, France, Spain, United States and Germany.

Martha Jiménez is considered one of the most talented artists in the last decades in Cuba. Their successful work has allowed her to participate in different national and international fair and events. In fact, recently she attended the Fair of Art Parallax 2018 (London) and she inaugurated a personal exhibition in Santiago from Cuba, in the headquarters of Caguayo.

As part of the homage in life to the artist, a particular rent house (hostel) it takes the name of one of their works more emblematic: Gossipers. In this rent house Martha Jiménez resided for more than 30 years and it is illustrated her growth and development like artist. Also, it offers lodging and gastronomy services (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to the client’s application, in an atmosphere of harmony, comfort and personalized treatment.

In the same way, it offers other hired services that they are tourists’ disposition and visitors, such as: city tour and countryside excursion, massages, organization of parties and activities, transfer and laundry services. For more information, contact us: or telephone: (+53) 3229 1696.

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