Manuel Marrero Cruz, Minister of Tourism in Cuba, announced in the closing of the International Tourism Fair (FitCuba 2018) that Havana will be the next headquarters in 2019, because the city marvels it turns its 500 years of having been founded. Besides that it will have to Spain like invited country of honor in FitCuba 2019 and it will be dedicated to the events and incentives, known by MICE, for their initials in English.

The recently concluded one trades promoted the destination of Key Santa María and the travel destination of Sagua la Grande, together with the services that Isabela of Sagua offers going to Key Esquivel. The fair gathered in this occasion to 3 thousand 319 representatives of the tourist industry coming from 62 countries, besides 178 journalists of several important press means. Among the most numerous delegations, they highlighted Spain, United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom, the invited country of honor in the edition of this year.

Visibly in love of the splendid scenario that offers Key Esquivel, Marrero describes it as a magnificent surrounded completely virgin key of a very calm beach with fine sand that he compares a point with those of the ¨keys Ensenachos or Guillermo¨.

He referred to the difficult circumstances that Cuba crossed after the step of the hurricane Irma that generated uncertainty in the tourist operators that perhaps had doubts of the real capacity of Cuba to recover of that disaster, what has driven to a depression in the arrivals of visitors, but we know that it is something eventual that it will go happening little by little and we can already appreciate then it several countries and important markets of Europe began to grow (…) evidently, we recover the emission of tourists again.

He added that many actions are making with other niches and segments of markets that are not still completely exploited, mainly to recover the next high season that begins in November 2018 and it concludes in April 2019, ¨it interests us on all the things to create the bases to prepare very well next year¨.

Highlighted participation had the private sector in FitCuba 2018, represented by houses of rents (Chismosas), hostel, restaurants, galleries of arts (workshop Martha Jiménez) and organizers of parties and events (Gestour), of different counties.

The closing of FitCuba was in charge of Van Van, the train of the Cuban music, mingled with the traditional festivity of the Parrandas of Remedios, where it was listened resonating of drums, bells and trumpets, around the ¨rivalry¨ among the followers of the red or blue decree, belonging to the Rooster or to the Sparrow hawk.

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