The natural and architectural charms of the Trinidad of Cuba, Cultural Heritage of the Humanity, attracts every year to strange travelers’ thousands in an incessant arrival dedicated to grow in one of the most beautiful villages in the island. 

Located in the south center of the bigger than the Antilles, the third city been founded by the Spanish settlers in the XVI century conforms today an unique postcard in the Caribbean region for its beaches, nature and the view granted by its historical center.

Opulent neoclassical estates, churches and towers of European style, housings of high large window and roofs of profuse inherited attributes of the sugar bloom that the city lived behind centuries invite here to the discovery of the Hispanic inheritance.

Inscribed from 1988 in the list of Cultural Heritage of the Humanity of the Unesco next to the Valley of the Ingenios, Trinidad conserves you nail only of the Cuban architectural evolution in an almost paradisiac natural environment, a discovery that few they want to get lost.

For it the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) in the county of Sancti Spíritus, about 360 kilometers to the east of Havana, it bets for decades for the zeal of positioning as a privileged destination to the City Museum of the Caribbean.

According to the delegate of that organism in the territory, Reinier Rendón, the growths in the arrival of tourists are sustained and notorious of one year to other and the improvement of options extrahoteleras, an important source of revenues in the sector stands out.

Data offered by the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power also give of the interest for promote the activity in the southern city, where they concentrate the main investments of the tourist sector of the county, mainly in the peninsula Ancón, the city of Trinidad and the Valley of the Ingenios.


Another good part of the actions of tourist growth centers its look in the Valley of the Ingenios, postcard of the trinitarian culture and espirituanan, heiress of sugar customs of the colonial period and where they are conserved more than 70 architectural and archaeological places.

From 2009 the Mintur supervises a program for the rehabilitation of the area that begins to see its first fruits in six of the houses more important country properties of the trinitarian landscape.

This will be an important catalyst in the plan of action of the factory, because five have already been intervened, two for the Conservative’s Office that they are San Isidro of the Destiladeros and Guáimaro, as well as Guachinango and Buena Vista, attacked by the Mintur.

Also, the farm The Abanico is included, recognized by the particular architecture of German influence of its large house and its privileged position. The renovation works here are planned for 2019 by Flora and Fauna Provincial Company.

As Rendón explained, although the Valley of the Ingenios will have reservations to prepare of around a hundred of rooms in the 2030, its vocation will be extrahotelera, with wide possibilities for the development of the hiking and of the trips.

We are speaking in other state ways of tourism in a sustainable way: paths, guided visits, the use of the train that the area travels. These they are inserted with those that already exist and we have this way a more profitable system, he added.

The Valley is an alive product and it cannot be without the main actors; for we include it in our projects to the inhabitants of each corner, of each community. There we have important challenges, the specialist commented.

With more than 250 square kilometers, this landscape is payee of some of the ancestral cultural values of the center of Cuba, where dances are included, music, legends and even fabric techniques and embroidery.

It is not to make a culture for the tourists, neither prefabricate it, but inserting it as main element and very together to that of the nature and the circumstances of the sugar development that he had, it assured in this respect.

We are guided to recapture the history and, from the patrimonial point of view, to make a trustworthy restoration of the whole heritage that there is there and to integrate all the forms that exist, concluded.

With information of Escambray Newspaper.

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