SAN JUAN PARTY Tour is organized with reason of celebration, June from 24th to 29th, the Camagüeyan San Juan Party, festivity that takes place every year in Camagüey city, Cuba.

The integral services are designed for people that want to know camagüeyan culture and to enjoy the varied offers: exhibitions of plastic arts, parades of fashions and dancing of popular and traditional music. Also, it will carry out multiple theater, dances and music shows, among other attractiveness, in those that the camagüeyan traditions.

The party promotes cultural, historical and the traditions values of the legendary Camagüey, World Heritage (2008), well-known as city labyrinth for its narrow and concurrent streets, with a cultural in heritance of more than 500 years. It offers its visitors a colonial and eclectic architecture, a vast history from the colonial time, as cradle of illustrious figures and patriots, with attachment to traditions of principeños. It is city of legends and traditions.

SAN JUAN PARTY Tour has duration of 7 days and 6 nights, and includes lodging in private house, breakfast, lunch, dinner, transfer from and toward the José Martí international airport (Havana), tourism guide and participation in different cultural party and activities, download GENERAL PROGRAM.

This service does not include the cost of air transportation and other operational expenses (health, travel insurance and other).

The client should carry out the reservation before June 10th, 2018; you can contact us for e-mail:  

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