The city of Havana constitutes the main tourist destination in Cuba, given by its heritage values, cultural and historical wealth. Many travelers and foreign tourists prefer to begin their visit to the City Marvels, with desires of discovering the past of a city that will turn their 500 years of having been founded in the 2019.

Squares, parks, paved stone streets, salespersons’ cries, restaurants where Creole and international food is elaborated, bars to enjoy the Cuban traditional music, when dancing Son and Cha cha cha, in an atmosphere of happiness and satisfaction.

The eternal summer in Cuba it maintains a favorable temperature to toast with friends and family some of the requested tropical cocktails: Mojito, Cuba Libre or Daiquirí. And it cannot lack the pictures that they leave captured their visit to one of the seven founded villages, to remember unforgettable moments in what means ¨the trip of their life¨.

It is always the nostalgia and the promise of returning to ¨the most beautiful earth that human eyes have seen¨, to continue discovery of the cultural, natural and heritage treasures that possesses several Cuban cities: Viñales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Camagüey, Santiago from Cuba, Baracoa, among other more.

The time is little to visit them all in a single trip, but it is the perfect justification to organize a next trip or tour with the company of friends and family to the beautiful Cuba, where it is shared happiness and experiences ¨until it dries off the seafront¨.

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