Works of the Cuban, Martha Jiménez Pérez, artist of the plastic from Camagüey (Cuba), they arrived in London, United Kingdom, for invitation of the Art Parallax Fair 2018.

Paintings and ceramics integrate the digital catalog of the event, and they are available in, since it has been invited to the next edition of the meeting, foreseen to July, from 20 to 22, 2018.

In message sent to Adelante Digital, it is counted that the organizers of the Parallax thanked Martha the participation in this cultural event, and they communicated her the favorable ones critical that received their works.

This promotion platform puts in contact with a specialized public without collection of commissions, and it is considered the first one with those characteristics that it meant a rupture in the development of the art fairs.

Martha Jiménez highlights among the representatives of the contemporary visual arts in Cuba and it has deserved several awards, among them that of the Unesco, in 1997, to the combined monumental of The Carmen’s Square.

She also stood out in the Second Biennial Contemporary of Vasijas, in Shanghai (China), she won the laurel to best monumental sculpture in the 5to International Symposium of Terracotta in Eskisehir (Turkey), and the First Award in the Biennial of Ceramic Amelia Peláez of Facilities and Projects, in Havana.

Taken of Adelante.

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