In spite of unilateral sanctions and censorship of the government from United States to impede entrance of tourists to Cuba, the important economic line experiences today a growing ascent in this oriental region.

In declarations to Latin Press, Edel Carmenates, assured that the measures of the government of Donald Trump ¨ has not impeded the approach and flow of potentials markets as Italy, France and Germany that reinforce to Canada like main issuing market¨.

Alone of the airport of Camagüey, Ignacio Agramonte, experienced an increase of operations until receiving 250 thousand passengers of several destinations in 2017.

Even, it highlighted, the integration of regular flights of the airline Neos Air among Milan and this city provincial head whose historical center is Cultural Heritage of the Humanity from 2008. The city tourism has in fact become a rampart for the town, located not much more than 500 kilometers to east of Havana.

Another of the offers is the opening of the House of the Cigar of this city been founded in 1514 that incites the visit of strange clients for this 2018, inaugurated in a first stage like store specialized in sale of tobaccos.

The Ministry of Tourism has in Camagüey one of the main projects with the exploitation in the north key, where a process investor is executed that extends for the islands Cruz, Guajaba and Sabinal, located in the archipelago Savanna-Camagüey, the biggest system of sandy keys in the Caribbean.

The area of around 390 square kilometers of reefs coralline and beautiful beaches it sinks to Santa Lucía’s tourist beach, a region that puts up the biggest coralline barrier in the region.

The county of Camagüey, the most extensive in Cuba with more than 16 thousand square kilometers it is one of the most important towns at the present time for the Cuban economy with millionaire revenues, the second more strong, alone overcome by the sale of professional services to exterior.

With information of Latin Press.

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