It has not had their José María Heredia, but, as well as the Niágara waterfalls, The Nicho would also deserve an ode.

If the massif of Guamuhaya (Escambray Mountain) it see from the space like a neck of mountains of half altitude that it runs off with on the body of valleys intramontanos, rivers, lakes and small elevations, The Nicho well could be its diadem.

This place, located in the municipality of Cumanayagua (Cienfuegos, Cuba), it subdues for the waters that descend of their cascades and it flood of millions of drops a pure air to maximum degree, the natural pools transformed into prize adult for hiker that concludes the voyage, the roads among forests, their fauna and vegetation…

The nature tourism finds a square frequented by national and international travelers, juvenile expeditions and until interested photographers’ teams in capturing the beauty from the torrent when throwing; or the polychromy of tocororos -national bird -, beside cartacubas, parrots, birds carpenters and colibríes that they inhabit their trees.

Integral of the one denominated Refuge of Fauna Lagoon of Guanaroca-Yaguanabo-the Nicho, to the biological corridor of 60 square kilometers not alone they populate it those birds, but also near 65 endemic plants.

Amen of Hanabanilla Lake -a scarce kilometers -, from The Nicho you can travel, by lorry, until other places of interest belonging to the geography mountainous like Hill of Window, Four Winds, the San Juan Pick (culminating point of the Solid one and possessor of a meteorological radar, to which you consents on foot for a distance) and the Martin Hell Cave, where the uppercase stalagmite of the subcontinent is, with almost 70 meters.

The Park is open to the public, and the visitor crosses paths of around two kilometers, of variable topography with elevations, until consenting before to the natural ponds referred.

At the present time they are not allowed camped or other visit forms not programmed in the area, because the place was pillaging object and it constitutes necessity and challenge to preserve it so much for the well of the nature, as of people, aims Miguel Alfonso Santana.

Such an insomnia to take care of it already surrenders its fruits, the directive affirms. There is a verifiable natural splendor and the paths are very clean, ¨among the most attractive products of nature tourism in Cuba, The Nicho has begun with their best braveries and it corroborates its fame of fabulous place for the visitor.¨

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