The tourist routes that enroll in the properties of the Archaeological Landscape of the first coffee plantations of the Cuban east región, it will facilitate visitors the discovery of an environment that is Heritage of the Humanity.

Sources of the House Dranguet, Interpretation and Popularization of the Coffee Cultural Heritage Center, they explained that one of those projected paths will communicate by means of about 25 kilometers to the districts one and two, belonging to the Gran Piedra and the old property Fraternidad, in Santiago de Cuba.

They store significant landscape, natural, historical and cultural value these country environments where French colonists arrived with their rising endowments of slaves soon after the explosion of the Revolution in Haiti among final of the XVIII and beginnings of the XIX century.

Those roads will unviel to the tourists a remarkable biological diversity and the one roots of traditions and secular customs in those rural communities, beneficiaries with the international project The Roads of the Coffee that favor the Malongo Foundation, the European Union and the Office of the Conservative of that City (OCC).

One of the primicias in those astonishments will be that of the funeral legacy in those old plantations and archaeological indications associated to development of the cultivation and the industrial use of grain in mountains.

Located between this oriental county and that of Guantánamo, they are 171 old agricultural emporiums declared as World Heritage and it applies a plan of integrated handling and of administration of that landscape that is organized in the two circuits.

The first one, corresponding to the Gran Piedra, embraces the coffee plantations The Idalia, The Isabelica, The Gran Sofía, The Mercedes and The Siberia, while the second, that of Fraternidad, includes that of that name and those of San Felipe, San Juan de Escocia, San Luis de Jacas and Santa Paulina.

The increase of trekking will strengthen the conception of sustainable tourism in the use of these treasures, that it is inserted in which the echo-archaeological Park that is built in Fraternidad, located in the area of Ramón of Las Yaguas, near to the limits between Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo.

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