With a packed street of fanatic and curious, the Plazuela of Bedoya was contagious of rumba last Monday, on purpose of the festivities for Week of the Culture in Camagüey (Cuba) that it celebrated until last Wednesday.

With the protagonism of Rumbatá musical group, the city lived an authentic musical discharge of Afro-Cuban roots that put to dance children and young, adults and old men.

The cast has cultivated from 1996 the most genuine roots in the Cuban tradition, with a spotless reverence to the rumba, declared by UNESCO the Humanity Immaterial Cultural Heritage in 2016.

The rumba is one of adult’s cultural expressions root popular in the bigger than the Antilles, considered indissoluble part of the Cuban identity, for what it could not miss its homage the city of Camagüey, formerly village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, in its 504 anniversary.

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