The secretary of Hotel Trade and Tourism Union in Pinar del Rior, Lenia Elena León Iglesias, said that Viñales was chosen by an American magazine among the 25 more attractive places of the world for 2018, what confirms to that region among the main tourist destinations of the island.

She asserted that in that area the tourism sector uses to more than 800 people, among state entities and those welcomed self-employed to the work who take pains in offering special attention so much to national as foreigners visitors in hotels, hostel and rent houses.

Los Jazmines, La Ermita, Rancho San Vicente and new Central hotel Viñales are facilities that it stores that area, suitable as one of the most attractive places in the world, she confirmed the labor directing maxim of the sector in Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Lenia Elena León Iglaesias ratified that in that municipality several of the support chains to the tourist activity, they have opened other facilities, in charge of supporting the services.

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