On purpose of anniversary 504 of the foundation Santa María of the Prince’s Port formerly village (today Camagüey), this center city gets ready for the Week of the Culture, to take place from the February 1st to next 7th.

Yudith Turcás Viamontes, director in municipal functions of the Sectoral of Culture, specified that the first day will take place the inaugural parade, starting from 10:00 in the morning, with a journey from the central Square of the Workers until the Trail of the INRA, with the protagonism of integral of the houses of Culture, sociocultural projects and representation villager of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER).

Also, that same day, it is already tradition in the city, it will be carried out at 9:00 in the night the Reading of the Decree, from the headquarters of the Municipal Assembly of the Popular Power.

The program includes, also, events of wide repercussion like the XI International Challenges in the Handling Symposium and Administration of Cities and the Encounter of radio stations of the first seven villages been founded in Cuba.

Sink to the day the Fair of Craft 500+ that it is carried out in the vicinities of the Casino Campestre, the biggest urban park in the country; besides the Sound camagüeyano party that represents the most genuine and traditional in the Cuban popular music.

Among the main invited groupings to the festejos for the birthday of this means millennial city, Manolito figures Simonet and its Blunderbuss, Elito Revé and its Charangón, Pupi and those that are are, and Aizar and the Express of Cuba.

In this occasion, the program of Week of the Culture will be dedicated to the 105 years of the opening of the Avellaneda theater, to the investigating Luis Álvarez Álvarez, National Awards of Literature; to the 40 years of the System of Houses of Culture, and the inauguration of the Ignacio Agramonte Square of the General bigger Revolution that arrives to the two decades of their inauguration.

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