As a region with big and varied attractiveness to be positioned inside the tourist destinations of preference in Cuba, the county of Camagüey worked in 2017 for promote its strengths, to attract more visitors, and to improve and to enlarge its residence capacity.

With the destination of sun and beach of Santa Lucía, in the north of the territory, ideal for the nautical sports, a capital city whose historical center possesses the Humanity’s sector declared Cultural Patrimony, and several you pierce for the nature tourism, Camagüey offers enriching experiences for the travelers.

One of the main events that faced the sector was recovery after step of the Irma hurricane for the north area, last September eight that affected the hotels of the beach.

The rehabilitation after Irma’s embattles that hit the area with category five, united to the preparations for the high season of winter, that which allowed that the visitors in the time of bigger demand of the international tourism found the rejuvenated resorts and with better offers.

The growth of the operations shared with strange hotel chains was another of the prominent aspects of the development of tourist sector this year in Camagüey, with the incorporation of the old Gran Club Santa Lucía to the catalog of the Spanish Roc Hotels.

The motivation to work in Camagüey is seated in the invaluable historical and cultural patrimony, where the old thing, the traditional thing and the modern thing are presented in oneself scenario, where the travel agency wants to arrive with hotels loaded with history, it referred the own group in its blog in Internet.

The interest on the half millennial city is shared by travelers’ thousands that have taken to Camagüey to be one of the city destinations with more growth in the last years in Cuba, oscillating between the third and quarter place in the preference, according to data facilitated by Sergio Ferreiro, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in Camagüey.

The capital city whose older sector of the historical center is Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, has a lot to offer, as its architecture, its intricate and singular urban plot in the Caribbean, its artistic expressions so valued at national and international level as the dance and the plastic arts.

To sustain the increment of the demand on the city, hotels and hostel have been positioned in the preference of the clients, as long as the participation of the private sector has also grown, with almost 400 rent houses in the whole county.

With the purpose of increasing the residence capacity, it stays the construction of the San Juan de Dios hostel and the amplification of The Sevillana in the city, and the qualification of other deluxe rooms in Santa Lucía, in the old Mediclub of that beach.

This year, Camagüey also benefitted with the incorporation of the Transat Canadian airline to the operations of the high season of summer, between July and August, as long as they stay other airlines with regular or seasonal, included flights the North American, Jet Blue and American Airlines.

Canada, United States, Germany, Italy, and in smaller measure France and Holland, they highlight as the main markets originators toward Camagüey, where it is still a lot to make to reach that bigger positioning like tourist destination that their potential can provide.

With information of Radio Nuevitas.

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