In the 2018, Cuba hopes to reach the figure of five million foreign visitors for the first time, a growth of 6,4% in comparison with the plan of 2017 that it anticipated to close with a total of four millions 700 thousand tourists, Manuel affirmed Marrero, minister of Tourism.

In their intervention before the deputies of the Commission of Attention Services to the Cuban Parliament that it was in session in Havana, the holder underlined in spite of the decrease of the arrival of vacationers due to the step of Irma hurricane, to the closing of November the country reported four millions 257 thousand 754 visitors, with it runs off with of 19,7% regarding same stage of 2016. At the same time, it opened a bigger growth in the second pay period of the month.

Marrero reaffirmed to Canada like the main originator of tourists to Cuba, while the U.S visitors grow, who visited the low country the help of the 12 trip categories authorized by the White House that it was restricted drastically by the president Donald Trump from November 8.

He mentioned among the traditional markets that report bigger visits to France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Argentina and Brazil, which already overcame their historical figures record.

It also grows the bond of the industry without chimneys with the private sector: at the moment 24 thousand 217 rooms exist at hostel and rent room; and the travel agencies has contracts self-employed with two thousand 585 workers in activities like lease of housings, gastronomy and transportation. 

For the new year is expected an increment of the tourist-days, as well as of the revenues of the sector, the minister announced, and he added that the favorable behavior of the cruise activity should continue, which grows in the current exercise in 230%.

He specified, also that new applications of air operations are reported for the present high season (November-April). He confirmed improvement regarding the indicators of quality and he pointed out that the main dissatisfactions of the visitors are related with the signaling vial, the currency change and the hygiene of the cities, aspects in those that one works.

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