With the arrival of a hundred of Italian tourists to Santa Lucía beach, a hundred of kilometers to the north of this city, the regular flights began of the Neos Air airline among the airport of Malpensa, Milán, and the Ignacio Agramonte, of Camagüey (Cuba).

The great majority of the vacationers enjoys the facilities of the Club Villaggio Bravo Caracol hotel, rejuvenated in 2016, and the Brisas hotel, both located in the one mentioned destination, with about 17 kilometers of excellent beaches and main tourist attractiveness of Camagüey.

Affected by the Irma hurricane to beginnings of the month of September and after the recovery of that pole, they have strengthened the services to the clients in their hotel plant and their natural environment was conditioned, with new options for the vacationers.

As market originator of Santa Lucía, Italy is in the second place, alone overcome by Canada, she told to the ACN Esther Abreu García, representative in the territory of Jumbo Tours, one of the travel agencies in charge of the flights of Neos Air to Camagüey.

At national level, the italic peninsula appears represented among the traditional markets that more grows this year, next to France, Russia and Spain, as it was informed few days ago in the previous debates to the X ordinary period of sessions of the VIII Legislature of the National Assembly of the Popular Power.

With this route of Neos Air that includes a scale in Varadero, Matanzas, it will arrive weekly for the Ignacio Agramonte international airport a similar figure of Italian travelers until April of the coming year.

Taken of http://www.cadenagramonte.cu/

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