The rural tourism is a world practice that it is arriving in Cuba, but it needs to be structured to be taken advantage of to the maximum.

Who does it miss a typical plate of the field being amid the city? It happens to us to almost all, for not exaggerating. Perhaps for that strange nostalgia for the other people’s thing, the rural tourism has more and more followers in the world.

Cuba arrives with their own stamp, and tourists are already known options in territories like Pinar del Río, Sancti Spíritus, Camagüey, Las Tunas and other offers thought for Matanzas.

What do they offer? Everything! From harvesting in the houses of tobacco, until riding amid the field, or to travel a property and to enjoy a productive route that they finish in the consumption of the fruits that it gives those lands, and until working the lands and in works cattlemen.

The tourists learn of the resident’s customs of those areas and they cohabit with them in their typical constructions and daily routines. At the same time, they enjoy the consumption of totally natural products that they can pick up of the trees or to extract of the furrow.

All that and more it can provide the rural tourism, a nascent option in Cuba that, as all that begins, it should profile more the bases on those that it will be sustained. On those pillars in the juridical world has studied Carmen Elena Enríquez Pérez, espirituan lawyer that she works in the collective office of Yaguajay and she lends services to units of the agriculture for 28 years.

¨When is offered the rural tourism associated to the rural tradition, it is enjoying the alimentary production, of the collection of fruits, of the animals and the cavalcades…, among other profits¨, argues Carmen Elena.

¨Our country has reached great rural development, for what the rural tourism can bring many benefits to the community and the alimentary production. But it is indispensable that the man is qualified. Big resources are not required, single organization¨, the expert will anticipate.

“This is not as expensive as the big investments in the tourism of sun and beach. But it would be necessary the bases that it regulates their development to settle down”, she analyzes.

This tourism doesn’t require of enormous changes, because the tourist wants to go to what exists and not to a great construction. In this case the typical thing should be prioritized, she ponders.

With information of Juventud Rebelde.

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