The Cuban county of Holguín contributes to development of the nature tourism starting from varied offers for national and foreigner clients. 

Pedro Estrada pointed out as products leaders that they are marketed through the travel agencies in these moments: trips for one day to the Guayabo Jump and the Alcalá Farm.

He specified that specifically the Guayabo Jump, located to about 600 meters on the sea level in the Pinares of Mayarí plateau, it exhibits endemic species of the Caribbean Island, and it constitutes the favorable place to enjoy a good bathroom in one of the most attractive natural pools in the archipelago.

In Alcalá, rural town belonging to the municipality of Báguano, the tourist will be able to combine the beauty place with a bigger approach to the customs and traditions more distinctive the Cuban peasant’s.

Estrada meant to the consumption of plates and typical drinks of the Creole food, the possibility to carry out walks to horse, observation of birds and release walks, among those that stands out the green path, of great acceptance for the ecological values that it promotes.

He argued that the offer, of great participation for the English tourism, consists on the sow of a tree for the clients, plant that it is registered by them in the place and itinerary, that they return to the one and another time with the intention of knowing on its development and treatment.

The markets of Germany, England, Canada and Netherland constitute those of more presence in these protected areas of great natural value that it shows endemic exponents of the Cuban flora and fauna as the flower of Holguin, the sparrowhawk, the ashen chipojo and the black vencejo.

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