The Soneros de Camacho musical grouping took place its 81 years of existence, to those that will dedicate a concert today, in the Avellaneda theater of Camagüey city.

It will be, also, an homage to the deceased singer and leader of the grouping Enrique ” Nené ” Álvarez who was the singer of they are older of Cuba until their death last February.

Already fear diffused and some of the 12 interpretations that conform the most recent production in Soneros de Camacho, it will be enjoyed by the public follower of the Cuban traditional popular music, very well conserved in the extensive artistic life of the group.

Companies as Liudmila Pardillo and Simón Roberto will share scenario with the Soneros, in the presentation that it will also be dedicated to the noted singer and composer camagüeyan Adalberto Álvarez who takes place for these days his birthday.

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