The Cuban Minister of the Tourism, Manuel Marrero Cruz, offered a balance of the main virtues and projections of the field for next years and he confirmed the Cuban government’s will of assuring a respectful tourism with the environment.

According to the data offered by the Minister, it aspires to fulfilling the 4 million 700 thousand tourists foreseen for this 2017. In the same way, the holder informed of the existence of 366 hotels and more than 68 thousand available rooms to face the next high season.

In one year named by the World Tourism Organization like the International Year of the Sustainable Tourism for the Development, the Cuban Minister guaranteed the absolute commitment of the sector with care of the environment and the confrontation to the climatic change, ¨the only way to assure the permanency of our work in the time and the conservation of the country for the future generations. ¨

¨We have work teams in charge of studying each one of the vulnerable areas and from the Council of Ministers, we analyze each report to make the guessed right decisions and recently we approve the plan of measures to face this situation. Right now, we have a quite near vision on the future in the 2050 or the 2100 and from we already value those details to avoid building in vulnerable areas¨, he added.

Fear as the attention and study of lifted facilities very near the coast line, the creation of an environmental strategy of the Tourism Ministry, the employment of solar heaters and lamps led, the placement of desalination plants and the recovery of patrimonial constructions, as he said, of some of the measures guided to preserve the nature. “We also dedicate five percent from all our investments to the environmental topic and we use the fourth three parts of all the hotel waste in the animal feeding. They are steps for the sake of consolidating programs eco-sustainable and harmonic with the environment.”  

Equally, he sketched the projections of development of the Cuban tourism up to 2030 and he highlighted as essential priorities the conformation of new and better products, the construction of more than 103 thousand rooms and deluxe hotels in the main cities of the country, to improve the commercialization and promotion of the existent offers, as well as to generalize the use of the new technologies and promote the cultural, events, health and nature tourism. “Our main commitment resides in maintaining to Cuba like a destination of peace, health and security”, he concluded.

Finally, Minister confirmed the termination of eight hotels in Villa Clara for the 2018 like part of the International Tourism Fair (FITCuba) that it will have its headquarters in the facilities of Key Santa María, one of the tourist poles of more growth in Cuba in the last years.

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