The Cuban tourist industry, their beaches, scenarios and other kindness are ready to receive to visitors’ thousands, hardly some few weeks after the step of the Irma hurricane for the Cuban archipelago.

Diana Olivera, representative of the Tourism Ministry of Cuba, explained during an encounter with tour operators and representatives of Mexican travel agencies the recovery process that it allowed to heal the damages caused to the Island by the meteor.

She referred the actions made to preserve and evacuating to foreign and national tourists’ thousands that they vacationed in the country when it impacted the hurricane, most of them in the tourist poles of the keys of the center-north of the island. She said that the biggest affectations were areas green, covered slight, false roofs, glassware and the ranch house.

She recognized that before the situation was suspended 141 flights, that which it impacted in the occupational and of visitors’ decline, although it stops so far in year the one accumulated it is of 23 increment percent in arrivals. She underlined most of the beaches they are now better than before the step of the hurricane, because they grew in the width of sand.

Tourist destinations as Havana, Baracoa, Holguín, Santa Lucía and Varadero, among other, they are ready and working. She explained that the keys Coco, Santa María and Guillermo will be operating with most of their hotels November 1, when the high season of the tourism begins in Cuba.

She assured that none of the hotel facilities suffered structural damages for the battering of the meteorological phenomenon and when being assured it was ahead the financing for recovery. Also, it participated constructive forces, the workers of the hotels, amen of the readiness of the materials for it and the Cuban government’s political will put to point the capacities of that important industry of the country.

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