The director of the Flora and Fauna Company in the oriental territory of Baracoa (Cuba), Mauro Cala, he affirmed that the nature tourism receives strong boost at the present time here.

It pointed out that their dependence assists two protected areas that they are very attractive as it is the case of the Yunque of Baracoa, an entire national symbol, elevation of 575 meters over of the sea.

The director mentioned another places, it is the Cañón of the Cumurí River, between two mountains, with 911 hectares and for where it can stroll in boats and to make different trips, in particular two paths very claimed.

Those interpretive paths of the nature allow to put in contact to the travelers with the beauty of the place and the environment, very well conserved. Also, Flora and Fauna has The Esperanza farm a lodging attractive agroecological of the Duaba river that the clients thank.

He insisted that his company has the challenge of promote the kindness of the region, whose center is the village of Baracoa, it has been founded in 1511 by the Spanish scanners, Prevailed of Cuba (first).

The nature tourism and adventures, and the rural constitute center for the travel toward the most oriental portion in the country, with numerous programs of this type.

Flora and Fauna has with 73 workers that cover the different activities of the place, so much stops attention to the visitors like to guide and to protect the areas. He remembered that the main markets of this scenario are Germany, France, Italy and Spain, in that order that implies a constant movement in the region next to the national vacationers.

The affluence of Cubans traveler happens with more frequency in the months of July and August, the insular summer, when most of the local have vacations.

For the high season of the international tourism (November-April) they arrive to Baracoa, and in particular to their points more remote, many foreigner travelers interested in walks and trips of different types.

The Flora and Fauna´s director comments that their region has many interests as beaches, forests, mountains, trips, walks, knowledge of the traditions, and to understand the way in that the peasants live.

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