Adiós and Inspiración are the musical pieces that the orchestra of the Folclórico Ballet of Camagüey used for the first time during a concert that it made in the room of concerts José Marín Varona, of this city.

Both creations, instrumental and song, respectively, they are of the teacher’s authorship Reinaldo Echemendía Estrada, founder and collective director of the noted one, which sinks to the celebrations in this territory for the National Culture Day with that presentation, to take place on Friday, October 20.

During the show 16 topics of Cuban music interpreted, among them “Tras la dicha” and “La palabra”, both inspired ones in works of Nicolás Guillén Batista, National Poet from Cuba, besides other goods like the quadrille and the Havanan one.

Although other creations played of the authorship of Eliseo Negret and Bernardo Alonso Brito, the biggest prominence took it the pieces also created by Echemendía, who highlights in its artistic chore, as composer and arranger.

The Folclórico Ballet of Camagüey was 26 years of constant artistic improvement, compliments last September 12, besides a strong choreographic development, highlights for the solid formation of the musicians that they integrate its orchestra, those that mix in perfect harmony the most varied popular sonority, essence of the rich Cuban musical traditions.

Several collective camagüeyan will be presenting until October 20 in the room of concerts José Marín Varona as part of the celebrations for the National Culture Day, among those the Cuarteto Unión that it will celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Provincial Choir of Camagüey and the grouping Rumbatá.

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