“We ratify in an objective way our commitment that all the facilities of tourism will be operative for the high season, including Key Santa María, Key Coconut and Key Guillermo”, affirmed the Minister of Tourism, Manuel Marrero.

Cuba will be clever to receive the tourist rise with better hotel conditions and of infrastructure next November 1st, Marrero ratified next to Ivis Fernández, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) in Varadero, in the event that it had the attendance of more than 160 tour operators.

As part of the encounter with the tour operators of the destination Cuba, it was carried out a journey for different hotel facilities of Varadero. Among them, the Be Live Turquesa Hotel that in spite of having Irma’s battering, almost it concludes their recovery stage.

Walter C. Martino, General Director, commented that they had problems in the ranch, it had a part of the roof, but it was repaired in time record. “In the Italian specialized restaurant a part of the wall fell, but it is already reestablished, colored and as if it had not passed anything.”

Claudio Lampre Lara, General Director of Iberoservice Cuba, meditated about the new tourist season in Cuba after the conclusion of the encounter:

“Cuba has always been prepared for it runs off with tourist. Not so alone now; it is necessary to be optimistic and we work all for this. But it is not of now, it is always. The tourism doesn’t get ready of one day for another. Cuba comes getting ready and working every year, therefore, we all are optimistic¨.

Key Coco

The recovery of all the extra-hotel activities will be constituted between the October 15th and 20th: Marina, dolphinarium, bathroom with dolphins, the tower of Cristal with the ranchs of the beach and even the ranch of Beach Pilar, for next November 15th.

The repair is finishing one of the roads of the causeway, where still lack the asphalt. By the middle of October, it should be completely concluded.

Marrero affirmed that it advances in the recovery of hotels with all the force and the necessary resources. There are hotels with more than a hundred manufacturers. The immense majority of the resources has them in our power.”

Key Santa María

The Mintur contemplates this region of north of the country for beginning of the high season of tourism in Cuba. The access was enabled by the causeway in a provisional way and one works in its reestablishment, with operational date for November 1st.

The national airport of Key Las Dunas will be operative October 15th. For that date, it will be completely recovered five hotels with more than 4200 functional rooms, besides it will have clever two of the three towns, the dolphinarium and the Marina. The International Airport Abel Santa María of Santa Clara will be operative next Monday September 25th.


The minister of Tourism explained that the 18 hotels were evacuated that are in the north coast of Havana, from Jibacoa until the Marina Hemingway. The damages are considered extremely light and easy of restoring. Fifteen of them are already lending service. The Tropicoco Hotel and the Cubanacan Chateau Miramar Hotel will open up next week.


The pole is lending service in 47 of 52 hotels, with single five closed facilities. The cleaning of the region is dear to 92%. During the step of the hurricane Irma, it had a total of 19 963 people in the peninsula between tourists and workers, without a single person affected by the meteor.

Of the 20 790 rooms of the area, 5 411 they were affected (26% of them). At the present time, they have been possible to repair 1374. The recovery of the residence plant proposes that the coming September 30th all the hotels are completely repaired. For that date, when saying of Marrero, neither it will notice the print of the hurricane.”

Single five hotels will open up later: Puntarena and Caleta Beach; Paradisus Varadero, Ocean Patriarca and Meliá Peninsula, with opening date for November 15th.

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