Manuel Marrero: We can have a high tourist season in Cuba as we wait for it

The recovery of the infrastructure corresponding to the tourism advances in Cuba and, in this respect, Manuel Marrero, minister of the tourism, offered declarations to the Journalist of Cuban Television.

“We have all the manufacturers, investors, material resources in the hotels, that which we will allow to make sure that there it won’t be difficulties in fulfilling the established dates and that we can have a high season as we wait for it”, he remarked.

In the information it was given to know, also that in the north cayería (Key Coco, Key Guillermo, Key Las Brujas and Key Santa María) they work to begin the high season the coming one November 15.

On the international campaign against the Cuban tourism, Marrero Cruz aimed that they are sought to magnify the damages. On the other hand, he assured that the recovery works go well that the damages that it left us the hurricane are the typical ones that happen in the tourism.”

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