We facilitate clients’ enjoyment and well-being.


We share happiness and experiences.


We personalize your travel in Cuba.


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We facilitate clients’ enjoyment and well-being.


We share happiness and experiences.


We personalize your travel in Cuba.


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The experience of knowing the culture, history and landscapes of the beautiful Cuba and their charms in a personalized travel when sharing with the Cuban family and taste the flavorful food.


Lodging reservation

Lodging in private houses, where clients feel like in family. It is offered personalized services with a high level attention and comfort adapted to the client necessities that want to know about the culture and the daily life of Cubans.

PLAN AP: include lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
PLAN MAP: include lodging, breakfast and dinner.
PLAN CP: include lodging and breakfast.


In a course of five classes you can end up knowing the basis of the more spoken language in American continent. After concluding you will be able to greet your friends, say your name, and request what you want and, why not, to fall love in the language of Cervantes…

Cuban people have rhythm in his blood and through these dance lessons you will feel as your body vibrates with diverse autochthonous musical compasses of Cuba and Caribbean. Of course, you will have a professor that will teach you the magic of rumba, son and salsa.


The mud is a distinctive element of Camagüey an architecture and life in general. Tinajón is composed of mud, a distinctive element of local culture. Through your own hands you will be able to experience a unique sensation that you will transform you into an artist.




Camagüey, World Heritage (2008), well-known as city labyrinth for its narrow and concurrent streets, with a cultural in heritance of more than 500 years. It offers its visitors a colonial and eclectic architecture, a vast history from the colonial time, as cradle of illustrious figures and patriots, with attachment to traditions of principeños. It is city of legends and traditions.


City of churches is one of Camagüey´s names, for its temples with its squares and parks. The practice of Catholicism prevails although other religions of different latitudes coexist.There is a mix between its ancestral culture and its kind citizens who possess a very singular idiosyncrasy. A territory privileged by the hand of God, because in San Juan de Dios church, Devout José Olallo Valdés (Father Olallo), took care of thousands of principeños seeking no more than a healthy city.


Camagüey ownes the first Cuban literary contribution: Espejo de Paciencia poem. Along with its brave plains, ornamented grills and unique stamp that gives fame to our lands: tinajón. This city is the birthplace of many important poets, plastic artists, writers, musicians, famous patriots and talented scientific as Carlos Juan Finlay, several museums and temples that keep treasures of art of the XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries, being part of an urban landscape difficult to equal.


The journey in bicitaxi (tricycle) for streets and parks, adorned with singular tinajones and a legend that it says that if you drink tinajón water you would stay in Camagüey or at least return. It has the biggest conserved historical center in the country and one can observe old buildings with significant architectural values and paved alleys of colonial style. Typical food that standed out in territory from XIX century.


The visit to a Camagüeyan farm, will allow you to observe that Camagüey possesses plains adorned with the most beautiful treasures in nature that have been inspiration sources for artists of all the times. Also,
to taste of traditional food: ajiaco creole, monterías, matajíbaro, ropavieja, casaba, peeled corn, Roselló´s peanut nougat and canchánchara.


The Ecological Reserve Limones-Tuabaquey, in Sierra de Cubitas, offers you the possibility to obser conservation of the flora and fauna, with hiking options, take photographs of nature and visit caves. Also, you visit a crocodile’s sanctuary and an old taínos ettlement in the town of Senado, with its obsolete sugar refinery.


A journey heading for Southwestern Camagüey takes us to La Belén farm, where you can appreciate nature, green landscape and preservation of animals. They are reasons for promotion of ethical tourism for local people. There, it cannot miss visiting one of the unique places of Cuba: the fossil forest where petrified wood is conserved.


The crowed vegetation functions as a refuge for a great number of Cuban endemic species that can be seen in the Ecological Reserve of Limones-Tuabaquey, in Sierra de Cubitas. Visit Vilató town, where several casaba makers are devoted to production of casaba.


Camagüey is the most mediterranean city in Cuba. 100 km away from the wonderful Santa Lucía beach, this tours offers the opportunity to contemplate the flat countryside and many of its natural wealth. An American crocodiles’sanctuary is a unique experience to admire and to photograph. In the beach you will be able to ride horses, enjoy the sun and the beach, and taste local seafood gastronomy.


Santa Lucía is the main beach of Camagüey, where you can find around 19 km of white sand beaches. Away from the sea shore is one of biggest coral reef in the world. Abundant in marine wealth and shipwrecks, it is a sanctuary of bull sharks, generally not offering danger to swimmers for their distance of coast, however it is a great diving opportunity for lovers of marine life and all their species.


We facilitate clients’ enjoyment and well-being, in accompaniment of their experiences, dreams and fond memories. By means of commercialization of tours, excursions, courses and organization of events with personalized attention, quality and responsibility. We offer integral services to national and foreigners groups and people wishing to get acquaintance with Cuban culture and landscape.

We share happiness and experiences.

GESTOUR guarantees you a unique experience when using our services. Our objective is that you feel in an atmosphere of happiness and tranquility, accompanied by the best things that Camagüey and its people have. Our team thanks you ahead for choosing us. Together, we accompany you to discover Cuba.

We help you to know Cuba.




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Travel destination for congress, meetings and incentive. Distinguishing personalized service to the sector MICE. Spring of cultural, heritage and natural wealth.




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