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We facilitate clients’ enjoyment and well-being, in accompaniment of their experiences, dreams and fond memories. By means of commercialization of tours, excursions, courses and organization of events with personalized attention, quality and responsability. We offer integral services to national and foreigners groups and people wishing to get acquaintance with Cuban culture and landscape.

Lodging in private houses, where clients feel like in family.
Designed for tourists who love tours in the city, forest, beach, nature or the countryside


Camagüey, World Heritage (2008), well-known as city labyrinth for its narrow and concurrent streets, with a cultural in heritance of more than 500 years.
This city is the birthplace of many important poets, plastic artists, writers, musicians, famous patriots and talented scientific.
City of churches is one of Camagüey´s names, for its temples with its squares and parks.
The journey in bicitaxi (tricycle) for streets and parks, adorned with singular tinajones and a legend that it says that if you drink tinajón water you would stay in Camagüey or at least return.


Santa Lucía is the main beach of Camagüey, where you can find around 19 km of white sand beaches. Away from the sea shore is one of biggest coral reef in the world.

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The most beautiful treasures in nature that have been inspiration sources for artists of all the times

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Mud, Spanish language and a professor that will teach you the magic of Rumba, Son and Salsa.

"The organization of festival, academic events and cultural activities is facilitated aimed to the enjoyment of each participants. Also, we facilitate the exchange and amusement in an atmosphere of harmony and happiness. It is a one lifetime opportunity."

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